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Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games


We are planning on running the

Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games

again on

Sunday 17th of January 2016


Watch this space for details!


Click here to see picture of the 2015 Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games





2015 Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games

Sunday 18th January 2015

Come along and enjoy a great fun day at one of the best & longest running nude beach days in Australia

Maslin Beach was declared Australia's first nudist beach In Australia on the 14th Of February 1974 that makes it 40 years ago next February

I have got most things organised for 18th of January 2014, just a few minor details to get sorted.

We will be adding a few new events this year.

Individual balloon race - contestants run (try to at least) from one end to the other with a balloon between their legs - no hands.

Pairs balloon race - a pair of contestants run from one end to the other with a balloon between them, no hands, balloon between their backs or fronts.

There will the favourites like frisbee throwing, sack races, three legged race, water balloon throwing, baton race, donut eating competition, Best Bum & Ms Maslin 19-34, Ms Maslin 35-50 & Ms Maslin over 50

There will be a marque selling soft drinks, bottled water & sausage sizzle - all money goes back into the cost of running the games, so please support the event & buy some drinks.

This year we have new stubby holders & draw string bags for sale as well to raise funds for the Games.

No pockets for drinks money, car keys, mobile phone you might think

No problem, we will be selling small money pouches to put your drinks money, keys etc in $5 each

If we were meant to be nude we would have been born that way!

Nude is natural, not rude

Itís free and everybody is welcome.

Enjoy a relaxed day of fun competitions on one of Adelaides most beautiful beaches.

You are invited to join in the games or just relax in the sun.

You may choose to remain clothed or be adventurous and enjoy the beach as nature intended.

Information on nudism / naturism is available at the marquee.

Pilwarren is a nudist venue situated on a high cliff overlooking a great view of our lagoon & the river.

Pilwarren is on the banks of the Murray River between Swan Reach & Walker Flat, opposite the township of Nildottie set on 75 acres of mallee


On sale at the Maslin Beach Nude Games            Stubby Holders $9        Keys / phone / money bag $5 


2015 Program




Childrenís Frisbee Throwing Competition


Adults Frisbee Throwing Competition


Official Opening


Children's Sack Race


Adult Sack Race


Swap Swap Competition


Childrenís Three Legged Race


Adult Three Legged Race


Individual Balloon Race


Pairs Balloon Race


Baton Race


Water Balloon Throwing Competition


Donut Eating Competition


Combo Competition


Water Fill Competition


Mens (Over 18) Best Bum Competition


Ms Maslin Beach Over 50


Ms Maslin Beach 35 - 50


MS Maslin Beach 18 - 34


Tug O' War


To see photographs of the 2014 Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games Click Here 


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Phone 0427701132