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Pictures Of Pilwarren Mini-Golf Course



Hole 1

Deceptively easy just to tease you into a false sense of security


A little bit harder

These holes look much easy in the photos than they in reality 

Hole 3

Now it starts to get tricky

Hole 4

Can't even see the hole from the start on this one

Hole 5

Jump over the rocks - easy, but hit the rocks & the ball could go anywhere

Hole 6

Beware the Wombat hole on the left

Hole 7

Starting next to the wombat holes on the left

This is a very long course to the hole (out of sight around the corner)

Hole 8

Looks are deceptive, not as easy as it looks

Hole 9

Looks are deceptive, not as easy as it looks again, got to get through tyre without going too far

Hole 10

Two Titties - nice set

Hole 11

"The Volcano" - there has been a number of hole in one's here

Most players get the hole limit of 20 - notice the seat for spectators

Hole 12

Can't see the hole from here

Hole 13

It is a bit hard to see the humps in this picture, the humps make it very difficult 

Hole 14

Players are often tempted to take the short cut, but it rarely pays off

You have no idea where the ball goes if it hits a rock

Hole 15

Does not look it, but is as difficult as "The Volcano"

Hole 16

Beware the water trap, hope it has been cleaned out lately

Hole 17

Is deceptively difficult

Hole 18

Is amazing

19th Hole

Need a drink after that


People often ask who is the sadist that designed this course

I just smile to myself



Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games



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