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Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games


We are planning on running the

Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games again on

17th of January 2016




Pictures Of Maslin Beach Nude Games


2015 Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games





   Sorry but can not show peoples faces with out their permission out of respect for peoples right to privacy that's why I have covered faces.

Most photographs / video are taken from a distance so it is difficult to see peoples faces or altered so that it is difficult to identify people.

Entrants to Ms Maslin Beach Competition have signed a photograph / video release form which permits use of their photographs.

These are my (David Pillar) photographs - Please do not use, copy or distribute in any way of form without my permission.

On the day a couple of people made comment that some of the competitors were not nude - Let me explain.

 Our children (Nakita & Nathanial) have grown up in the nudist lifestyle (at Pilwarren) since the day they were born, along with other familles with Children the same age. Teenagers being teenagers, they go through that stage where they just do not want to be nude, you know what they are like at that age. We are just glad that our children are happy & willing to be apart of the Games among nudists even if they are not nude themselves. Most kids that age would not want to be seen in the company of their parents especially if the parents are nudists, so we are glad they want to be a part of the day & join in. Most of the clothed people you see in these photos are our children & friends children that Naktia & Nathanial have grown up with. We have never forced our children to be nude, they are free to make their own choices. Having said that we do encourage competitors to be nude though.

Some people just want to keep the sun off so as not to get too sunburnt as well

It was a big day yesterday for us, but a was a great day even though numbers were down a little on last year due to the weather being a bit cool & overcast to begin with. By mid afternoon the sun cam out & it was quite warm. A big thank you to all the helpers to make it a success, could not do it with out their help. Looking forward to next year - 17th January 2016. Keep an eye on our web page




Setting Up


Adult Frisbee Throwing Competition


Sack Race


Three-Legged Race


Three Legged Race


Individual Balloon Race



Pairs Balloon Race


Water Balloon Throwing Competition


Water Balloon Throwing Competition


Water Balloon Throwing Competition


Donut Eating Competition


Donut Eating Competition


Combo Competition


Combo Competition


Combo Competition


Water Fill Competition


Best Bum Competition


Best Bum Competition - Finalists


Ms Maslin Beach Over 50


Ms Maslin Beach Over 50


Ms Maslin Beach 35 - 50


Ms Maslin Beach 35 - 50


Ms Maslin Beach 18 - 34


Ms Maslin Beach 18-34


Tug Of War - Pilwarren against the rest - we lost again!


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September 26th and 27th

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