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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best place to go for my first public nudist experience?

It depends on how you feel about your first experience. I’m biased I guess, but think a nudist resort or club is the better place to start as they are generally friendlier & safer than a public nudist beach. Public places tend to attract undesirable types that can be off putting for a first time nudist, where as a resort or club has control of the type of people entering, with rules to ensure all visitors can enjoy their stay. You will find clubs & resorts more friendly & welcoming. Some people may prefer the anonymity of a public nudist beach where they can hide in the crowd or if it is a quiet day on the beach you can find some space away from others & feel less intimidated. From Easter to October, Pilwarren it is generally quieter with many occasions when you may have the place to yourself if you prefer to get used to it without others around. If you prefer to be with other nudists then our planned events are a good time to visit with many of our regular visitors. It all depends on how you feel about it really.


How do I introduce my partner into nudism?

It is better to be honest & tell your partner how you feel about enjoying the nudist lifestyle without pushing your feelings on them. Pushing your partner on the issue will most times make them less likely to accept you being a nudist. If you openly discuss it with them you may even encourage them to try it as well. Letting your partner know that it is not a sexual thing & you do not need to be a perfect physical specimen to be a nudist will help them to understand. Start by being nude around the house & even outside the house if you have a private back yard. Then if your partner accepts this, they may then become curious. You can try suggesting visiting a nudist beach or resort. That’s where I feel Pilwarren is the perfect place to start although I suppose I’m biased. We chose to make Pilwarren a nudist facility for just that reason, so that first timers have time to get used to the idea without being pressured to get your clothes off with in ½ an hour as happens in some clubs. We often get couples with the male being happy to be nude, but the female partner is shy / reluctant. This is fine, your partner can take their time to feel comfortable & remove your clothes when they are ready – there is no pressure. Pilwarren is a nudist facility & the emphasis is definitely on the nudist lifestyle & we only accept visitors who are genuinely interested in the nudist lifestyle.


But I don't look good enough!

This question becomes irrelevant when you choose to be a nudist. The way you look, your disabilities, scars, size, colour, nationality, pregnancy anything else is irrelevant, it is the person on the inside is what is import as a nudist. To me that is what being a nudist is all about, accepting people for who they are no matter how they look. Particularly females seem to have a problem with their self-image & need to be less concerned about their own body & its shape. We get people all shapes, sizes ages from babies to 90 year olds – most are your average looking people you would see in the street, not models. It also comes back to accepting yourself the way you look, there is no point worrying about your appearance, nudists just accept themselves the way they are & do not bother how they look or how others look. Being a nudist is about acceptance & spending unpretentious time relaxing with other like-minded nudists. Once women (& men) join in the nudist lifestyle they become much less self-conscious & improve self-esteem without the need to hide behind their trendy expensive designer label clothes.


Am I too old / young?"

You are never too old. We get people of all ages - young, old, families with children - we have 2 teenage children. We have people visit regularly in their 80's & we have even had new born babies here. Age is irrelevant at Pilwarren. Although we get a large range of age people the majority of visitors are in the 40 plus age group. People under 35 tend to be much more self conscious & concerned as to what friends family etc would think, where as by the time people get to about 35 they are more likely to think who really cares what I look like or what I do. They think, “I’m going to do what I want to do, I do not care what others think.” 


Will being large, thin, sexual orientation race etc be a problem?

Colour, race, size, shape, scars, imperfections are unimportant to other nudists as we believe the way people look on the outside is not important, it's what's inside that is important. Everybody is equal. You will find most nudists are very accepting & friendly lot. Everybody's equal as nudists without clothes to hide behind or to set us apart from others.


What happens if I get an erection?

This is one of the more common concerns of the first time male nudist making them feel very nervous about their first visit. An erection is not normally an issue in a nudist environment. Being a nudist is about being nude, it is not a sexual activity. If it is for sexual reasons you wish to visit a nudist resort or club then I suggest you do not go, as you will be very quickly noticed & asked to leave. If you are expecting it to be a sexual experience visiting a nudist resort or club then you are going there for the wrong reason & you will quickly realise that is not what it is all about. If an erection does occur you can leave the presence of others until it settles down, lie on your stomach, carry a towel & cover yourself, even take a cold shower or go for a swim - that usually fixes it pretty quick. A towel is a handy covering to avoid embarrassment. If you walk around with an erection you will most likely be asked to leave immediately. Erections are rarely a problem & once you have been to a nudist resort or club a few times you will realise it is not really an issue


Is physical contact acceptable at Pilwarren - i.e. touching hugging etc?

The same socially acceptable rules apply in a nudist environment as in a clothed setting - i.e. you would not have sexual contact in public, but non-sexual physical contact in the presence of other nudists is perfectly acceptable. Sexual contact and/or activity is not tolerated in the company of other nudists, this would offend most nudists. What happens in the privacy of your own room is your own business as long as you do not embarrass other guests. Non-sexual physical contact & hugging is perfectly acceptable in the presence of other nudists.


Is Pilwarren a swinger’s venue?

Pilwarren is not a swinger’s venue. Open swinging activity is not permitted at Pilwarren. Pilwarren is a family facility where children can play / stay in a safe & harmless environment without fear. Obviously what people choose to do behind closed doors in private is their own business, but open / obvious sexual activity or flirting in front of other guests is not permitted.


What happens in winter when it is cold?

We are nudists, not stupid. We wear clothes when it is cold.

Winter time is usually very quiet at Pilwarren (for obvious reasons) since the weather tends to put people off especially nudists which is a pity really because it can be very enjoyable here in winter outside & with the wood fire in the recreation room making it cosy & warm enough to be nude even if it is freezing outside. Out here in the mallee country in winter the days can be very beautiful even if it is raining in Adelaide. People in town don't realise that the weather can be terrible in town, pouring rain but great out here. Often as you come over the hills the clouds just disappear on this side of the ranges - I have many times driven through the hills & the weather is cloudy, foggy, raining then the clouds just stop as you come over the hills.

We have many events planned through out the year. To find out what is coming up check out our Calendar Of Events page.


What will happen upon arrival?

Someone will greet you, show you around, introduce you to any other guests, sign you in, answer your questions & show you to your room or site, help organise power if required & help with sorting out any problems you may have.


Where & when do I take my clothes off?

In your room, at your vehicle, in your tent or van as soon as your ready & comfortable to do so.


What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own food, drinks, and personal items. Alcohol is permitted in moderation. A towel is essential for sitting on chairs for hygiene reasons. A torch is very helpful on dark moonless nights.


Can you tell me how to find out about local nudist clubs resorts & beaches?

We can’t tell you much about venues outside of South Australia. For information about South Australian nudist venues check out the South Australian Nudist Information page.

You can also try http://www.naturist.net.au Australia’s leading nudist magazine.

For other areas in Australia or overseas surfing the Internet is a good start with many web pages containing useful links.

The Australian Nudist Federation also has a helpful web page http://aus-nude.org.au

There is also a handbook published by the INF (International Nudist Federation) it contains information about venues all over the world. http://www.clothesfree.com

Look in local newsagents for nudist magazines & books. You can even look in your local telephone book under Clubs – Nudist.


What are the rules at Pilwarren?

We have very few rules or regulations, basically it all comes back to respecting others & not offending others, if everyone does this then there are no problems & everybody is happy. Please take time & read the Guest Information Booklet upon arrival.



Only genuine nudists are encouraged at Pilwarren, any body visiting for the wrong reasons are quickly spotted & asked to leave. Pilwarren is located on the end of a dead end road so its isolation from main roads ensures privacy from passing traffic. Photography & video are not permitted. Please ask if you would like management to take a photo for you with your camera. All visitors are expected to respect all other visitors right to privacy. Mobile phones that can take photographs or movies are not permitted at Pilwarren, they must not be used on the property.


Is Nudity Compulsory?

No although Pilwarren is a nudist facility, we do not strictly enforce nudity, just encourage it, so being nude is not compulsory, but we do encourage those that are uncertain & new to the nudist lifestyle to join in & be nude, as they feel comfortable to do so. We keep in mind with the risk of skin cancer; covering up in the sun is necessary. A wood fire makes the Recreation Room nice & cosy, ideal for being nude in winter. If after a while visitors are clearly not comfortable with being nude & unwilling to be nude at suitable times management may discuss the issue with guests & discuss whether they really wish to continue visiting Pilwarren.


 Why Nudist Facility?

With some partners being reluctant is exactly the reason we chose to take a softer line, so that you do not feel obliged to be nude with in an hour or so of arriving as often happens in strict nudist clubs & resorts. We feel that sort of pressure makes you feel uncomfortable & will put people off from experiencing the enjoyment of the lifestyle. We feel that once you are relaxed about being here most will be happy to be nude, but there is no pressure. Don't get us wrong the emphasis is definitely on the nudist lifestyle & we encourage visitors to join in & be nude as they feel comfortable to do so & when weather conditions are suitable.

We have some couples where the husband is a happy to be nude but the wife is not & remains clothed. We do not have a problem with that at all as long as people are here for genuine reasons & genuinely enjoy the lifestyle. So if your partner chooses not to be nude then that is no problem. When the weather is suitable most times everybody is nude with only occasional exceptions, but your partner would not be made to feel uncomfortable or pressured if they choose not to be nude. You are most welcome to just visit for the day if you wish. The first day visit is free to encourage you to come & see what Pilwarren is all about.


Are there any restricted areas where you just have to wear something to cover up?

Not really but we suggest guests are cautious about being nude near our access road so as not to embarrass anyone else using it. Having said that I should also point out we are situated at the very end of a dead end road making Pilwarren fairly secluded with rarely anyone else using this access road as there is no need for anyone else to use it except our neighbour. Also if guests leave our water frontage to explore in our canoes we suggest people take a pair of shorts or similar just in case others are encountered on the lagoon, but again very rarely is anyone else encountered on the water. All areas on the Pilwarren property can be accessed in the nude using common sense near boundaries so as not to offend.


Can I take pictures & will there be people with cameras and videos to film us?

Guests cay only take photographs or video on the Pilwarren property by filling in a Pilwarren Photography / Videography Permission Form & approval granted by management.

Management are happy to take photos for guests with guests camera but guests are not permitted to take their own photographs or videos.

Phones with picture / video taking capabilities or any other image capturing devices are completely banned from use on the Pilwarren property. Camera phones must not be used on the Pilwarren property. To use phones that are capable of taking photographs or video guests must leave the property.


Is there a shop to buy supplies?

We do not sell supplies, all food & drinks must be brought with you or can be purchased from Swan Reach. We do not have EFPOS & do not accept credit cards or cheques.

We only accept cash & Australia Post Money Orders.Money

Orders to be made out to D Pillar


Local Temperatures & Rainfall

These are figures from our own records. Temperature records have only been kept for a few years so they are not very accurate yet. Rainfall records have been kept since arrival at Pilwarren, so these figures are a bit more accurate. Rainfall is in millimetres & temperatures are Celsius.














Temp Min













Temp Max



























Distances – Kilometres Approximately







Murray Bridge













Weeks from December through to Easter are the busier times. During the week is generally quiet & during winter it is very quiet except for planned events – See Calendar Of Events page.



All people intending to visit Pilwarren for the day or overnight must book at least a few days in advance. When you let us know your intention to visit or stay, your name will be pencilled in as a booking, but we do not guarantee to hold that booking for you unless a 50% deposit (non refundable) is paid at least one week before arrival. Australia Post Money orders (only) made out to D & D Pillar will only be accepted - no cheques please. So you will have 2 choices either you can take your chances & hope something is available when you arrive or you can secure your booking with a 50% deposit at least one week prior to your arrival.

To avoid disappointment when booking by email, book at least a week in advance to give us time to confirm your booking. It would be disappointing to assume you can book your accommodation by email at the last moment only to turn up & find it was not available when your email was received & we did not have sufficient time to reply & let you know it is not available.

Prior booking is required

Bookings can be made by the following methods

Phone  0427 701132

7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (South Australian time) is the prefered time to phone



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